Read all about it! Spunky girl detective, Al Capone’s Chicago, tough female reporters…

isabelfeeneyLooking for strong characters?  Action?  Clever retorts?  Friendships that aren’t sappy?  Oh, this one’s perfect for you!

Isabel Feeney is an exceptionally plucky newsgirl, trying to help out with the family finances after her father has died in the Great War.  She dreams of being like the lady reporters who do more than write about fashion and society news.  Her idol is Maude Collier, a Tribune reporter who writes about crime, bringing to light the good and bad about the murderesses and other criminals so prevalent in Chicago at that time.

Then one night, one of Isabel’s regular customers is too close when her criminally connected boyfriend is shot and killed.  Did Miss Giddings do it?  Isabel arrives just after the shots are fired, doesn’t believe it, and with the help of Robert, Miss Giddings’ son, and Flora, daughter of the deceased, she sets out to prove it.

Their friendship is not an easy one, but it’s often hilarious and full of snappy dialogue.  Isabel’s got theories, tons of them, and she ropes in anyone close by to help her pull apart what really happened.  Maude realizes Isabel’s got a nose for stories, even as Detective Culhane dismisses her, so she helps.  Nothing stops Isabel from confronting people who might have been out to harm Miss Giddings or Charles “The Bull” Bessemer, and while you might clue in to who did it before the end if you read a lot of mysteries, it doesn’t dampen the joy of the ride with these characters.  Sassy, spunky, 100% fun.

Isabel Feeney, Star Reporter by Beth Fantaskey

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