Maybe a fox, maybe a path to peace


We don’t always acknowledge it, but many of us spend part of our lives walking through the world with a veil of sadness clinging to us.  Some people are able to push it back and stride through the world looking one way but retreat back into it on their own.  Others walk with the veil surrounding them, sometimes protecting them from the harsh world outside, sometimes creating a wall too thick to penetrate.  Sadness, grief, loss – feeling them intensely can both drag us down and help us heal.

Jules, Sylvie, Elk, Sam and Dad all carry it with them at different times and in different ways, and even the animals in the forest nearby feel it; Senna the fox and the catamount are kennens, animals with special spirits somehow connected to humans.

Maybe a Fox is an emotional book – filled with grief, beauty, peace, loss – and it’s powerful, but that really comes as no surprise, having been written by Kathi Appelt and Alison McGhee.  It might not be a book for kids who want a lot of action and laughs, although there is a little of both in the book.  It might connect with those kids in a unexpected way, however.  It’s deeper, so deep that it’s beyond what you might usually touch in your daily life.  It’s also a beautiful piece about human connection to nature, connection to each other, even the connection to loss.  It might be a fox or it might be a path to something else.

Maybe a Fox by Kathi Appelt and Alison McGhee

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2 thoughts on “Maybe a fox, maybe a path to peace

  1. I have always loved Kathi Appelt’s writing and her Kathi-view of the earth and its inhabitants. This will be a new thing to read something written by Kathi AND Alison. I can’t wait. Thanks for highlighting this special and unusual new book.


  2. […] Maybe  a Fox – Kathi Appelt with Allison McGhee […]


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