Sassy, smart, and, um, audacious

audacityThere is just a whole lot of spunk in Audacity Jones.  Her friends at Miss Maisie’s Home for Wayward Girls are used to her problem-solving and don’t realize that the Punishment Room she goes to so willingly is actually a library, full of information and adventures to pique Audie’s interest in the outside world.  Because she’s a verifiable orphan, the slightly mysterious and wealthy Commodore chooses Audacity for a “mission” to Washington, D.C.  Miss Maisie is not too sorry to see her go.

The mission, it turns out, is to meet up with a sneaky person from the Commodore’s past and get back at President Taft for being so fond of automobiles.  There’s a suspicious driver named Cypher, a cat named Min, some circus folk, Juice the newsboy and his grandpa, as well as Charlie Taft and his cousin Dorothy.  Much can go wrong on this mission, and much does go wrong – kidnapping, false identities, druggings, and turtle executions, too.

Life in Swayzee, Indiana will look pretty quiet after all that big city excitement, but you get the idea that Audacity Jones will be up to something else before long.  You sure hope that’s the case, anyway.

Audacity Jones to the Rescue by Kirby Larson

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