It’s going to be a bumpy ride: alternative history meets The Hunger Games

wolf by wolf
Yael is a death camp survivor in a world where Germany and Japan won World War II.   It’s not a nice place. Hitler and Emperor Hirohito are still in charge, women are expected to stay at home and raise racially pure babies, and millions of undesirables in Europe, Africa and Asia have been “removed.”

Before escaping the camp, a researcher had subjected Yael to a series of injections, so she is able to skinshift or change her appearance. After connecting with what’s left of the resistance and training for a few years, she will become Hitler’s assassin, replacing an unusual young woman who managed to win the Axis Tour – a cross-continent motorcycle race. Becoming Adele, Yael will have to fool Adele’s brother, a former boyfriend, and possibly even Hitler. She’ll have to cross deserts, escape kidnappers, and figure out who’s trying to poison her, too.

There’s a light touch on most of the moral issues here. Yael is focused on avenging those she lost in the past and doesn’t spend much time worrying about those she might be injuring in the present. It’s a fast and bumpy ride, splattered with a big “what if?” at every turn. In the right environment, it might provoke some really interesting conversations, but it’s a good read even if that doesn’t happen and one I can see appealing to a lot of teens.

Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin


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