What if?

last kidsThe Last Kids on Earth by Max Brallier and Douglas Holgate

You can imagine the pitch for this book. Zombies are popular. The Wimpy Kid series is popular. Middle school hijinks are popular. (If someone was brave enough to use “hijinks” in a book pitch, that is…) Treehouses are cool. What if we threw them all together?

Well, The Last Kids on Earth can answer this question for you completely. No need to look other places for a fun middle school monster and zombie apocalypse! What a relief!

Jack Sullivan is your hapless hero. His foster parents are long gone, and he’s taken over – you guessed it — a treehouse. Communications have been cut, but Jack’s resourceful and knows where to find a stash of slightly stale junk food and miniature tools. All will be well, he thinks, if he can just reconnect with his best friend, Quint, figure out what to do with Dirk the bully, and rescue a dream girl who really doesn’t want to be rescued. Recipe for disaster? Possibly, but there will also be excellent and goofy illustrations, zombies and monsters to outwit, clever inventions, and at least one trip to Home Depot. Prepare for silliness.


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