How to Swallow a Pig: Step by Step Advice from the Animal Kingdom

how to swallow


Need to woo a ewe? Unlikely, perhaps, but very interesting and somewhat dangerous, too.

Want to go incognito? Disguises always come in handy.  You could follow the lead of an octopus, and mimic a sea snake, or a lion fish, or even a jellyfish.

Feeling hungry? You could catch a meal like a crocodile. Pretend to be a log, lunge, lunge again. You might just get lucky, even if you’re just lunging across the lunch table.

Or go for a whole pig.  Why not?  Science is awesome.

For these and many other important life choices – decorating, cracking nuts, warning others of danger – How to Swallow a Pig is a go-to resource. Read it, enjoy, and learn a little, too.


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