What to read when the holiday season gets annoying…


Sometime around now, the holiday decorations and perky greetings begin to wear on me. If the weather’s been all snowy and scenic, it’s even worse. Has there been hot chocolate? Have the homemade sugar cookies and candied pecans come out? All that ho-ho-ho-ing…. Sigh.

That’s when Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree needs to make a visit. First published in 1963, it’s one of my all-time favorite books. Mr. Willowby gets a tree. It’s too big, so he lops off the top. Someone rescues the top, but it’s still too big. You get the picture. It’s simple, it rhymes, and there are merrymaking bunnies.

It’s the perfect recipe for getting back in the holiday spirit. Thank you, Robert Barry. And happy holidays!  Now, where’s my hot chocolate?

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