Imaginary Fred

imaginary fred

Imaginary Fred brings together several things I love, most especially Oliver Jeffers, Eoin Colfer, and imaginary friends.

Fred fades in and out of existence as he’s required, helping kids who need a friend, always reminding himself that nothing is permanent. He expects it to be the same when he meets Sam, and, in fact, the early signs are there – Sam makes a new friend – named Sammi of all things! — and leaves Fred behind to meet her. Sadness. But it won’t stay that way.

This is a whimsical story, so it’s no surprise that Oliver Jeffers’ drawings add to it perfectly, tossing in a little visual humor to add to the lightness of Eoin Colfer’s words. It’s also a reminder on a very basic level of how friendships can change, but who we are can keep expanding in the most unpredictable and wonderful ways.

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