Need a little creepy in your day? Here’s the book for you.

the-nest-9781481432320_lgAll Steve has to do is say “yes,” and the baby will be all right.

His newborn brother is dying. His parents are at the hospital a lot, getting tests, finding out about surgeries, and when they’re not, they’re tired and worried, always looking for signs that the baby has something else wrong.

Steve has a dream. Do angels visit him? Are they promising to fix the baby? Can his dream be the answer?

In the past, Steve has been so anxious that his parents have had him talk to a therapist. As time passes and his dreams become more real, he wonders if he’s losing his mind. Once he figures out that the angels are really a strange kind of wasp, and that he can understand the wasp queen, Steve isn’t sure what to do. No one will believe him, and once he’s promised to help the wasp queen, she won’t let him change his mind.

The Nest by Kenneth Oppel is a whole lot of creepy, but it builds slowly and doesn’t have blood, gore or serial killers – although there’s a knife sharpener who’s a little scary. I admit that I had to skip about a chapter and a half towards the end, because I just knew I’d wake up freaked out by dreams about wasps if I didn’t. I usually can’t read horror novels, even if they’re kind of silly. (This one isn’t.) It’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s a great read for those who love suspense and aren’t too afraid of wasps. Yet.

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One thought on “Need a little creepy in your day? Here’s the book for you.

  1. Nicole Groshek says:

    Wow this book sounds so awesome!!! I’ve never heard of it before, but adding to my TBR list now. Thank you!


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