The pile of books I just can’t face


Where to begin? My shelves hold 43 books from the public library right now. Another five are on my iPad — checked out through Overdrive. I recently picked up two free advanced reader copies I’d really like to read, too. My library request list is at the maximum of 99. I’ve even got a back-up list going to use once my request list has dropped back to 80 or so. It would almost be funny if it didn’t happen every month or two. Sometimes the pressure of so many possibly great books is a little much, and I have a hard time choosing what I should read next.

But do I dare complain? It’s a problem which comes from privilege, really, having so many options and so many good options in front of me. I can’t possibly read everything I’d like to. Patrons I talk with at the library often suggest books they think I should or would like to read, but do I get to most of them? No. I stick with my middle grade, teen and picture books, although a good mystery can pull me away on occasion.

What to do?  I guess I’ll have to hold off on catching up on my TV shows and read during family movie night and use my early waking hours and lunches to catch up. Work, work, work. Joy, joy, joy.

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