Fangirl at 102

play pauseI have a special fondness for V. She’s one of my homebound patrons, and she’s had a library card since she was seven and could walk the block to the library on her own. That was in 1920, by the way.

Visiting V is always filled with little surprises. One day we talked about her grandfather, who served on the Union side in the Civil War. Other times, she’s talked about her many years working for the local school district. She’s got funny stories about most of the men for whom the local schools are named. The other day, I found out that a relative of hers was involved in the Norwegian resistance during World War II. You never quite know where you’ll end up.

V is a lifelong reader and book lover. In the last few years, her eyesight has made it hard to read, so she “reads” through books on CD. She’s a Jan Karon fan, so she’s heard all the books in the Mitford series, and she frequently rereads those which are brought to life by John McDonough. I searched out other books he’s read which we’ve got in the library collection, and from Snow Treasure to presidential biographies, she’s loved them all. “I know I’m a traitor to my sex,” she’ll say, “but I just prefer the male voice, especially his. He’s really the best.”

One of her nephews knows she’s partial to John McDonough, so when the new Jan Karon book was coming out in September, he made sure to send it to her as soon as it was released. When I stopped in to drop off some new books this week, V explained that she was way behind on her reading. That new John McDonough is so good that she’s had to listen to it a few more times. Work, work, work.

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