Oh, Timmy, you’re so fine…

timmy sanitizedTimmy Failure is now “Sanitized For Your Protection.” Timmy’s in the toilet on the cover, and he’s there in other ways, too. His mom’s boyfriend is moving, they’ve ended up on a trip to Chicago with Molly Moskins, and some money might be missing. Like the other Timmy Failure books, this one is full of misunderstandings, confusing side conversations, bad decisions and a large polar bear named Total.

“You are the worst fugitive from justice I have ever seen,” I shout at my polar bear. “How in the world does it help to wear a moose head as a disguise?! Your polar bear belly is still hanging out! And so is your big rear end!” (p. 182)

The beauty of Timmy is that he’s wrong, completely and totally wrong, about almost everything. He misreads clues, makes assumptions, and can’t be trusted to make any decision under pressure. But his mom loves him, even if he is a hard-boiled detective, and his friends accept him, and he charges forward with complete confidence in a way that makes even the middle-aged laugh out loud.

And if nothing else, Stephan Pastis has some superb chapter titles:

Suite Dreams are Made of This… They See You When You’re Shopping, They Know When You’re Awake…Rainy Days and Mothers Always Get Me Down

Come for the chapter titles, stay for the fun.



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