More fun with wordless (or almost wordless) picture books…


A boy in a classic yellow rain slicker heads out into a wet day with his newspaper boat. Will it float? Where will it go? Will it be ruined? A girl goes to a crowded pool and finds a whole new world – and a new friend – once she dives in.

Float (by Ben Miyares) and Pool (by JiHyeon Lee) reminded me why I love wordless picture books. There’s something clean and simple about looking at the pictures as you flip the pages, and at the same time, you feel like you’re in an art gallery or museum. Why did the artist use those colors? Why did s/he leave something out or add something in or cut something off? With all the words swirling around, it’s easy to forget the impact the visuals can make.pool image

As I mentioned in an earlier post, wordless picture books can be a great way to work on storytelling with everyone from young children to adults or with language learners or to help young writers think about what is important and what is missing in stories, and why that’s important.

Want to see more? Check out this Pinterest page.

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One thought on “More fun with wordless (or almost wordless) picture books…

  1. Chris Knox says:

    I like wordless books, too. I reserved the two above. Journey and Quest by Aaron Beckhart are also very good. Plus Flotsam by Wiesner. Thanks!

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