When not everything is so black and white…

my brother's secret

At first, life seems very simple to twelve-year-old Karl. Hitler is a great leader. His father is off winning the war for Germany, and Karl is on his way to earning medals in the Hitler Youth. Some of the older boys might pick on the weaker kids, but they’re only trying to make them strong. They have to be strong for Germany.

Then Karl finds out his father has been killed on the eastern front. His mother is grieving, and while he wants to believe he’s proud his father died for the Vaterland, Karl really just wants his dad back. His mother decides they should move to another town to live with his grandparents. His older brother might be involved in some of the vandalism in town. A party official seems too interested in them. And suddenly, everything is not so clear.

Rules are broken, lives are changed. Sometimes it’s not so easy to figure out who the good guys and the bad guys are. There’s a lot to think about and discuss in this book, especially if you’re a fan of books that deal with World War II. Worth a read!

My Brother’s Secret by Dan Smith

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