Spies, lies & family ties

The Double Cross (and other skills I learned as a superspy) by Jackson Pearce

double crossTwelve-year-old Hale Jordan is in spy school, with spy parents, and a younger sister who’s about to make junior agent before he does. He lives in the Sub Rosa Society spy apartments, and the spy cafeteria only serves healthy food, which makes finding snacks a challenge. (He’s known as Hale the Whale by his classmates for his size.) He could always move into IT work, but his dream is to follow in his family’s footsteps and be a field agent. He’s mapping out his own alternative path, scheming to win races by planning ahead, when his parents go missing, and he finds out almost everything he’s believed is a lie.

Spies in high places have very low expectations of what he can do, and Hale uses that to start unraveling the mystery around his parents’ disappearance. He also makes new friends in unexpected places, friends who appreciate his skills and cunning. There’s action, there’s danger, and there’s cool spy gear – who doesn’t want a tiny belt attachment that explodes into a tent?   And there’s a win for the underdogs and good guys in the end. A great end-of-summer read.

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One thought on “Spies, lies & family ties

  1. […] adults in the picture and friends who will help him.  In the previous book in this series, Double Cross, he realized he had been raised by the bad guys.  Now, he and his friends are trying work from the […]


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