Just one more super girl –The Detective’s Assistant by Kate Hannigan

detectives assistant
Just the other day I was writing about the serendipity of reading Lois Lane: Fallout and The Diary of a Waitress one after the other. And then, holy cow – here comes another super girl for the mix!

“Sometimes a girl has to take a stand,” I explained in a serious whisper. “And while I’m all for using my smarts, I feel a good bit more comfortable knowing I’ve got something to back it up. Preferably made of iron.”

Nell Warne is strong-willed, sure of herself, unfailingly loyal, and occasionally completely wrong about situations. After her entire immediate family dies, she has to go live with her bossy Aunt Kitty, who lives in Chicago and is a Pinkerton detective – a rare female operative in a world of disguise and intrigue. Nell lives in fear of being sent to an orphanage and finds ways to be useful in the hope that she’ll have a different fate.

It’s a rocky road, and the intrigue isn’t all stolen money and protecting a President-elect. Nell’s got her own family secrets to both uncover and lay to rest, and Aunt Kitty can’t seem to forget her faults or trust her. But there is a wacky kind of joy in Nell’s journey, one that takes her from being a tattered orphan on the doorstep to being the belle of a secessionist ball. Fun. So much fun! And some real history is mixed in, too – never a bad thing!

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