The Book That Proves Time Travel Happens

time travelWhy not just give a book a title that says what it is? Why even try to come up with a gimmicky, catchy title?

Action-packed middle grade fiction is rollicking, joyful fun at its best. Although there are books with too much attention to amping up the humor and wackiness, The Book That Proves Time Travel Happens (Henry Clark) has the perfect combination of strong characters, non-stop thrills, fun, and even a little real history for those geeky enough to appreciate it. And no, Henry Clark is not paying me to say that.

I came across The Book That Proves Time Travel Happens on a list of new books, and the description seemed like one that my son would like – Ambrose and his two friends go on a mind-bending time travel adventure. Okey dokey. There are a lot of time travel, fantasy, buddy books out there right now, and my son can churn through them in an afternoon. When he finished this one, however, he was asking questions about whether the I-Ching thing was really real, talking about slave catchers, and telling me “You HAVE to read this one.”

So I picked it up the other day and started reading, finishing it in less than two days, and even reading the author notes. What fun! Ambrose and his friends Frankie and Tom make mistakes left and right, stand up to discrimination, dodge slave catchers, save lives, and even end up trying to play the Time Trombone while going over a waterfall. Oh, the action movie in my brain! Oh, the joy of a book that carries you along!

Sometimes we hope that children will connect with books that really touch them deeply, make them think about big issues, or help them work through who they are becoming. Kids who love reading love and need all kinds of books. Sometimes I need one just like this.

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One thought on “The Book That Proves Time Travel Happens

  1. Chris Knox says:

    Very good! This book sounds like fun! Thanks!


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