Something to laugh about


I’m a sucker for funny picture books. There’s nothing quite like the moment when a little one figures out the joke and shakes with laughter, and really, you don’t even have to be that little to appreciate the humor. A few of my favorites:

 Wolfie the Bunny, Ame Dyckman. Bunny parents adopt a wolf, much to the dismay of their bunny daughter.

Shh! We Have a Plan, Chris Haughton. Four friends try to capture a bird.

That is NOT a Good Idea, Mo Willems. A nice twist on a silent movie villain saga.

I Want My Hat Back, Jon Klassen. A bear loses his hat, but wait a minute…

Children Make Terrible Pets, Peter Brown. A bear adopts a squeaky boy. Is this a good idea?

Cat Secrets, Jef Czekaj. You can only read this one if you are a cat.

This Book Just Ate My Dog!, Richard Byrne. This book has a healthy appetite.

Pardon Me!, Daniel Myares. A little bird tries to relax. The rest of the swamp has other plans.

These also work well with much older kids if you’re looking for ways to jump start discussions on creativity or storytelling.  Or maybe you all just need a good laugh…

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3 thoughts on “Something to laugh about

  1. Chris Knox says:

    I read several of these books, and they are hilarious! Thanks for the website! I read some of the recommended books, and they are very good!


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