The Super 64 continues… only the Excellent 8 remain

super 64 (2)

Today the results are in for the Super 64 B3 Excellent 8. (I was reminded last week that it should be the Elite 8, but books are not basketball, and I’m sticking with excellent this time.) Almost all of the match-ups were within a vote or two, and we even briefly had a tie! I was trying to figure out how to handle that when a missed vote showed up, which really saved my bacon –don’t you love it when you can use that phrase in a sentence? — and had the added benefit of helping me plan ahead for that possibility in the next round.

I’m hoping to take a few minutes today to allow for some book advocacy from the kids. Now that we’re down to eight, I feel like a little impromptu campaigning – using persuasive language – might benefit the books and the voters. I know we’ve got some very enthusiastic readers, so it will be fun to see that enthusiasm take a different shape.  And spring break starts soon, so it will be nice to focus on a book or two right before vacation.

The final 8:

elite 8 super 64 (2)

Escaping the Giant Wave – Timmy Failure

The PS Brothers – Sisters

Calvin & Hobbes – Harry Potter

Athlete vs. Mathlete – Smile

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