Labels That Stick by Sandy Deyoe

Nerdy Book Club

I’ve gone by a lot of different titles in my adult life: teacher, outreach worker, mom, support services manager, that kid’s worker, volunteer, book lady.  Most of my labels didn’t come close to describing my actual work.  I had whole days in one job where I could have been called “the driver” or “meeting mediator,” and in another where Fridays regularly meant that callers would start sobbing just after I answered the phone in the morning, finishing just minutes before the weekly company conference call.

Like many of you, “book lover” is one of my chosen labels.  After leaving social services work during the economic downturn and trying some different things which turned out NOT to be my dream jobs, I’ve ended up working part-time at a public library and volunteering in an elementary school.  I mostly do adult services at the library, but at school, I get to be…

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