The Super 64 Book B3 (Big Book Bracket)

super 64 (2)

The Lightning Thief is going to crush Anne of Green Gables,” announced my son. “And Harry Potter versus Garfield is like the clash of the Titans!”

This is what we do for fun in our nerdy house. I’d been thinking about creating a book bracket for the 5th grade class I visit for several months, and, like March Book Madness, I’m timing it to match up closely with the annual NCAA basketball tournament. After brainstorming more than 90 books or series, we narrowed it down to 64, then pulled out the duct tape hat and drew randomly for the first set of brackets.

It’s hard to choose between favorites like Calvin and Hobbes and The Graveyard Book if you love them both, so I’ll be interested to hear how the kids think it through. Since I only come in once a week, we’ll be stretching the voting out over more than a month, which should give us plenty of time to be excited or devastated about who’s won or lost. It might bring a reader or two together with a new book. And once we get to the “Excellent Eight,” they’ll be able to advocate for their favorites – using persuasive language which will fit right into the lesson plan. Sometimes things just fall perfectly into place.

64 books, one poster board, hours of fun.

And the winner is… stay tuned!

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