5 reasons you should read Absolutely Truly

– a middle grade mystery to love by Heather Vogel Frederick

  1.  Are you a middle child? Did your body spring wildly and unpleasantly out of proportion at some point? Have you ever wondered why your parents saddled you with a name that seemed designed to make it easier for people to come up with embarrassing nicknames? If any of these are true, Truly Lovejoy (a.k.a. “Drooly” and “Truly Gigantic”) will speak to you.
  2. Do you need a break from dystopia? Are you tired of reading about people with special powers or fairy tale lives? Absolutely Truly has real people in it, people you might recognize, with struggles and imperfections and maybe even a sense of humor.
  3. Pumpkin Falls, New Hampshire.
  4. Have you ever been forced to square dance or waltz or foxtrot in gym class or for a community event you don’t especially care about? (Memories of the football coach screaming at me and my gym partner through his megaphone came flooding back. “GO THE OTHER WAY, IDIOT!” he screamed at my partner, who only waltzed in one direction and occasionally treated “social dance” like bumper car practice. At least it’s funny now.)
  5. AND, it’s a mystery!

Looking for more middle grade mysteries?

Greenglass House (Kate Milford) will remind you of the classic, The Westing Game (Ellen Raskin), and will keep you guessing right up to the end.

R.L LaFevers’ Theodosia series or Nancy Springer’s Enola Holmes series are both great reads for those who enjoy female detectives and a little historical fiction, too.

Stuart Gibbs (Belly Up, Poached, Space Case, among others) and Stephan Pastis (Timmy Failure) will keep you laughing.

Blue Balliett (The Wright 3, Hold Fast, and others) masterfully uses her settings and creates young detectives who see past the fake exterior of sneaky adults.

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